rule of thirds

Photography Composition Tips

Many people comment on certain photographers having an eye for taking good pictures. In part, that is the skill and experience you are seeing....

Touching up your photos

A major advantage of digital photography is being able to easily rewrite history – you can make changes to the photos before printing or...
India, Karnataka, Young female tourist photographing on top of hill

Travel Photography Tips

For most people, travelling can be the best opportunity to take great photos. Here are some tips to help you get the most out...
cropping and editing, rule of thirds

Cropping and Editing Snapshots

Occasionally I find some good shots hiding in everyday type snapshots that I have taken just for the fun of it. Most of the...
exposure triangle cheat sheet

Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet

Following on from my previous post on exposure (Exposure Basics) I thought I would post a handy Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet as I have...
christmas photography tips

Christmas Photography Tips

Well with Christmas almost upon us again, where does the year go? It seems like it was just yesterday I was standing in the...
bokeh lights photography

So what is this Bokeh then?

If you have done any reading online about photography or spent any time talking to photographers, you would have no doubt heard the word...
amateur photographer

Photography Tips And Tricks For The Average Joe

Photography is such a terrific subject in the arts, and it enables us to record a moment in time, sealing it forever in a...