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Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet

exposure triangle cheat sheet

Following on from my previous post on exposure (Exposure Basics) I thought I would post a handy Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet as I have one of these tucked into my camera bag wherever I go.

Trying to wrap your brain around new concepts can be, at least for the majority of us ordinary folk, quite difficult at times, so it is nice when someone takes the time to make learning something new easier.

Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet is handy

The exposure triangle cheat sheet is a handy little infographic will help save you loads time getting to grips with the relationship between the three points of the Exposure Triangle, namely ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.

exposure triangle cheat sheet

Daniel Peter of Fotoblog Hamburg created this free downloadable exposure triangle cheat sheet card for those new to photography and the concepts of exposure. With an easy to understand basic overview of Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed this is an invaluable resource for the new and old alike. It doesn’t go into great detail, but I feel that this helps in its usefulness, as if there was too much information on there it would probably be far less useful as a quick handy go-to card.

Perfect for slipping into a pocket

Also, the Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet has been specially formatted, this means it can be printed onto a business card size piece of paper, perfect for slipping into a pocket, wallet or kit bag. To print a copy off, laminate it if you have a laminator handy and chuck it in your bag so you never have to guess on exposure again.